The Benefits of Abstinence on Health


Abstinence and no fap movements are buzz words these days, as people promise you the world if you follow a life of abstinence. But how accurate are those promises? Is abstinence the key to a better life, and does it have a positive impact on your health?

People talk about abstinence in different ways. Some people refer to abstinence as not engaging in any sexual activity at all. Others think of abstinence as not having vaginal intercourse, but engaging in other sexual activities for pleasure known as outercourse.

We will only be looking at the benefits of abstinence and outercourse. There are numerous promised benefits of abstinence, but how true are those promised benefits? We will talk about the reality of these promises.

Does abstinence have a positive impact on our health? Yes, it does. Let’s get one thing clear before we get started with the real health benefits of abstinence. It won’t make you a superman or give you the ability to run a thousand miles an hour. But here are some real health benefits you can expect if you are following a life of abstinence.

Improving Your Mental Health

There is a direct positive correlation between people who are depressed and those who watch porn at least 3-5 times a week. This point works in a cycle where the more depressed you are, the more porn you watch, and vice versa.

Abstinence helps you maintain your dopamine level. If you engage in sexual activities more often, the level of dopamine released from your body will gradually drop. You won’t feel as good in your tenth “session” as you did in your first one. By practicing abstinence, you can avoid this problem and maintain a steady level of dopamine to keep your mood swings in check.

If you think this is nonsense, I urge you to think of how you felt the last time you watched porn and masturbated. There is a sense of guilt, shame, and regret that comes with it. If you are feeling those things and you are in a dark place, avoiding pornographic content and practicing abstinence just might be the perfect solution. If self control continues to be an issue as a male, devices such as cock cages can be used to remove the ability to engage in sexual activities.

Increase In Your Energy Levels

Sex and masturbation require a lot of energy. If you look at the composition of sperm, 90% of it is water, and 10% is composed of vital nutrients. Your body requires a lot of time to produce these vital nutrients. When there is a release of it, your body loses these nutrients, which is why you feel exhausted after you ejaculate.

If you practice abstinence, those vital nutrients will remain within your body. This is why your energy levels will be higher if you practice abstinence.

Other Benefits of Abstinence

Improving Creativity

The vital nutrients we discussed are food for the brain. If you don’t engage in a masturbating session, these fluids will flow to your brain (as per Ayurveda). These nutrients help you to make better decisions and improve your creativity.

Improving Focus

Sex is addictive. Some people think of it all the time. But they do all of that only for a few seconds of pleasure. If you are practicing abstinence, you don’t have that thought constantly in your mind. It improves your clarity and helps you to focus better on your goals. It will be hard to distract you from what you want to achieve if you are abstinent.

Final Thoughts

If you want to practice abstinence, have a sensible reason why you want to do it. Otherwise, it will be hard to maintain your practice. If you have a partner in your life, talk to that person and have an honest conversation.

Abstinence can be difficult for some people, including at the start. Many people use a ring or a bracelet to remind themselves of their practice at the start. As time starts to pass, it will become easier to manage. My final advice would be to try it for 21 days and see if it has positively impacted your life. If it did, it would become easier to stick to this practice as you experience the results yourself.


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