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General Traditional Medicine related:

Medicina Alternativa - organisation involved in international congresses and seminars.

The Center for World Indigenous Studies - A Web Site related to Amerindian and other Indigenous Medicines.

Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions - An organization that fosters scientific research into traditional medicines.

World Health Organisation health topics site with some Traditional Medicine information.



Chinese Medicine related:

The Journal of Chinese Medicine - online articles on Chinese Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Resource Guide.

National Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine (USA).

Australian Natural Therapists Association - Traditional Chinese Medicine page.

Tao Directory - Web Site dedicated to all things associated with Taoism.



Graeco-Arabic Medicine related:

Hakim Chishti's informative Unani Medicine Web Site.

ITM On Line, Unani Medicine of India and Pakistan.



Korean Medicine related:

Puramo's Korean Medicine Institute.

Korean Sasang Medicine Web Site.

Sasang Constitutional Medicine as a Holistic Tailored Medicine (Government Web Site).



Siddha Medicine related:

Central Research Institute for Siddha, Chennai, India.



Traditional Healing related:

Amerindian Traditional Healing Resource, USA.

Bush Medicine - Australian Indigenous Traditional Healing.

Indigenous Traditional Medicine Practices, Canada.

Shamanic Medicine Society, USA.



Medical Astrology related:

The Rosicrucian Fellowship - organisation devoted to healing and astrology.

Time Lords Astrology site - information on traditional astrology.



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